Level One - Novice

All our courses are specifically tailored to the needs and capabilities of the trainee, but the one hour Introductory Assessment involves components which are compulsory for all. The purpose of this session is to assess the trainee's needs, expectations, cycling ability and experience, and to devise a training programme with them.
Level One (Novice)
At the discretion of the instructor and in consultation with the trainee, this will be conducted on roads with heavier traffic.
Course to focus on…
» Staying upright without wobbling
» Getting on and off
» Starting off
» Stopping
» Fluid Pedalling
» Steering and maintaining forward progress
» Cycling one handed/signaling
» Looking behind
» Using the gears correctly
» Appropriate clothing
At the end of the course, trainees will be assessed. Trainees will also be contacted within six months to log their cycling habits and any changes they have noticed in their health. Trainees will also be invited to make useful criticisms of the course in order to help us continually maintain our standards.


During this short course you’ll learn how to:

  • Stay upright without wobbling
  • Get on and off your bike correctly
  • Start off and stop safely
  • Brake control
  • Pedal smoothly
  • Steer and maintain forward progress
  • Cycle one handed/signalling
  • Look behind you whilst cycling
  • Use the gears correctly
  • Choose appropriate clothing

At the end of the course trainees will be assessed and if appropriate will be awarded their Level 1 Cycling Certificate. 


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