Specialist bikes


What are specialist bikes?


Many specialist bicycles to support those with disabilities will be available in our fully accessible bike area - from trikes and low stepthrough bikes to handcycle.! Here’s a brief guide:

Low step through

Bikes with a low stepthrough frame such as folding bikes are suitable for people who may have good balance and are able to pedal but who have limited mobility causing difficulty getting on and off the bike.


Tandems are ideal for those who are not able to control a bike themselves but who are still able to pedal. This makes them well suited to the visually impaired or for people with learning or balance and coordination difficulties.


A semi-recumbent is halfway between a conventional bicycle and a truly recumbent cycle. Semi-recumbents benefit people who find conventional cycles uncomfortable as the low seat height allows them to reach the ground with both feet while still sitting.


The three wheeled design of a trike offers great stability and suits riders that may have strength and balance problems. We have a range of different trikes - semi-recumbent, recumbent and tandem trikes including Ice Trice, Varna and Victoria models.


Handcycles are trikes propelled by hand. These are especially useful for people with no or limited use of their lower limbs and with balance or coordination problems. They can also be useful where someone can physically pedal a bicycle but where hand strength is limited.


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