Codes of practice



RideWise Cycle Training is a function of RideWise, a charity (charity no.1153800). Training is undertaken by RideWise Instructors, who are fully trained and employed on a part-time basis by RideWise. Any legal liabilities attached to RideWise are covered under the instructor's Third Party Insurance Policy, supplied by the CTC National Adult Cyclists Training Scheme.


Course Content

RideWise adheres to the national standards of the CTC National Adult Cyclist Training Scheme recognised by the Departments for Transport and Health known as 'BikeAbility'.


Except in the case of family groups and special groups, training will be carried out with an instructor/trainee ratio of one to one. No single site will be used. Instructor and trainee will agree a suitable area where instruction will take place.


Before riding in traffic, all clients will undergo an initial cycling assessment either on quiet streets or in a car free environment. Once they have demonstrated adequate control and vigilance, training will progress to more heavily trafficked streets. The content of each course will consequently vary, depending on an individual's abilities and needs.



Instructors must be at least twenty-one years old. They must be fully competent cyclists with recent and regular experience of cycling in heavy traffic. Wherever possible, they should be experienced motorists and car owners, though this is not obligatory.


All instructors will receive formal, extensive and regularly updated training provided by RideWise and other agencies. They must continue to be monitored regularly by the RideWise Head Instructor. Standards of practice conform to the Govt BikeAbility bench marks and are regularly monitored by BikeAbility inspectors.


Cycle Maintenance

Clients will be expected to present their bicycle in a roadworthy condition. A cycle check will be carried out at the beginning of each training session. Instructors will not carry out repairs but might give advice and demonstrate how the client should make adjustments to improve their machine's performance. If a bicycle cannot be rendered roadworthy by the client, no training will be undertaken and no refund of course fees will be given.


Protective Clothing

Hi viz clothing and helmets are not mandatory, but recommended, for instructors or trainees unless teaching corporate clients for whom helmets might be a mandatory requirement of Health & Safety at Work. During training, clients must remain within the instructor's field of view at all times.


Cycle Helmets

RideWise believes that the biggest contribution cyclists can make to their own safety is to cycle confidently in a manner appropriate to the road and traffic conditions and we aim to teach the skills required to do this. The wearing of helmets is not compulsory for pedal cyclists under UK law. Some riders may feel secure wearing a helmet, and RideWise will support them and advise on the choice and fitting of a helmet. However, riders should be aware the research to date suggests that a helmet offers only limited protection.


Accidents and Incidents

In the event of an accident or incident involving a trainee, instructor or third party, the RideWise Project Coordinator must be informed at the earliest opportunity.


Regarding corporate clients

RideWise acknowledges that corporate clients will have terms and conditions regarding Health & Safety at Work which corporate trainees will be expected to honour. Unless an exemption is previously agreed, no training will be undertaken with corporate trainees who do not comply with these terms and conditions, and no refund of course fees will be given. RideWise reserves the right to determine terms and conditions for its own staff, the instructors.

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