Cycle training services for businesses


map-with-cycle-routeIf you’re a business operating in or around the Nottingham area then RideWise could be just what you’re looking for.  As part of the Sustainable Travel Collective charity we’re ideally placed to help you to meet the objectives of your business travel plans by delivering bespoke cycle training and maintenance classes within your organisation.


Why give your staff cycle training?

Many businesses have travel plans, which help them become more environmentally friendly, reduce Workplace Parking Levy and help to reduce congestion around the workplace. Not only does cycling help to support that, but by encouraging employees to be active as part of their daily routine it reduces sick days, improves overall levels of fitness resulting in a positive impact on health, well-being and productivity.

Keeping people fit and active is a great way of keeping everyone productive and in good health. Making cycle training available to all staff, whether they cycle to work or not, is a great way of building daily exercise into everyday life – and that is a really effective way of creating a lifestyle that is fit and healthy.

You’ll want your staff to be aware of all the benefits of cycling, to cycle safely and to be assured of getting to work on time so as part of our service we can:

  • Prepare bespoke cycling routes for your staff…and we’ll even cycle the route with them to ensure they’re familiar and comfortable with the route
  • Provide group cycling sessions at or close to your workplace
  • Provide information about everything to do with cycling e.g. clothing, routes, lights, bike shops and repairs and maintenance
  • Provide on-site cycle maintenance courses teaching your staff how to fix punctures, adjust gears, alter saddle and handlebar heights and fix brakes so their journey to work is not disrupted by minor cycle issues
  • Provide on-site Dr Bike services – a trained mechanic who can repair and service bikes
  • Bring bikes to your site for people to try out
  • Bring along our information stand which is full of maps and information about getting the most out of cycling in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
  • Work with the objectives of your travel plan to help you achieve your travel related objectives – along with free support from the Big Wheel on all modes of sustainable travel


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