How to cycle safely


Here are a few tips on how to cycle safely on the roads.


Cyclists have a right to claim the lane


It may come as a surprise to most drivers but cyclists have as much right as drivers to take up the entire lane. Cyclists riding side-by-side are actually reducing the risk of having an accident; it’s the safest way to cycle, particularly if there’s a blind bend, a narrowing of the road, a high risk junction, pinch point or traffic lights ahead.

Cyclists should never cycle in the gutter as it gives no room for avoiding obstacles and leaves no room to fall if an accident occurs, increasing the risk of falling into the road and potentially under the wheels of a vehicle.


Filing past stationary traffic at a junction


Turning left is how most accidents occur.  It’s not at all illegal for cyclists to filter on the left or right of lanes but it is often difficult for motorists to spot you, especially when hidden by their blind spot. As a motorist makes a left, and as a cyclist intends to carry straight on, a collision may occur. Try to make sure that you have eye contact with motorists to reduce the risk of accidents. Also be vigilant when pulling out of a side street, or car park.


Watch out for car doors opening


Cyclists should anticipate car doors opening. If you're cycling past a car that has just come to a halt, take caution when overtaking, as someone may be about to get out of the car.


Here are some useful links to websites with more tips on how to cycle safely in various situations and conditions.


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