Cycling hints and tips


bike-buntingIf you’re new to cycling then you might have lots of questions about cycling etiquette, so we’ve compiled a few key bits of information that we think you might be interested to know.

It’s all about the bike…

Before you do anything on your bike make sure it’s roadworthy and safe – especially if it’s been stored away for a long time.  Check your brakes in particular. The front brake should hold the front wheel still even if you try to move the bike forward and the back brake should do the same for the back wheel. You should also check your lights are working, especially if you are likely to be cycling at night, or even when the light is poor during the day.

It’s worth checking your chain on a weekly basis, cleaning and oiling it as necessary. You’ll also need to check your tyres, putting extra air in if they need it.  Having the correct tyre pressure reduces the risk of punctures.


Setting up your bike


Simple things make a big difference – riding can be made much easier and more comfortable just by setting the saddle position correctly.


Keep your bike safe

With your help we can beat cycle theft and help to continue to build a cycling friendly city. Once you’ve got in the saddle then it’s important to make sure that you keep your bike safe and secure. There are five easy steps you can take to make sure your bike is secure. Click here for more information.


Plan your route

Unless you are following a tried and tested route it is worth planning your journey before you set off. There is a range of online tools to help you do this. To plan your journey from A to B click here.


What to wear

It’s the big question…what to wear? If you’re cycling to work then it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable for your journey and then change into your work clothes on arrival. Or, you could decide to have a more leisurely cycle trip so that you arrive feeling fresh and ready to go straight into the office. We like wearing light and breathable materials…but it’s entirely up to you.

Flat footwear is the preferred option for most cyclists – having a flat shoe rather than a heel may feel more comfortable while you’re cycling.


We always recommend the use of helmets when cycling.


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