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Our School
cycling activities
offer great
opportunities for
students at every stage
of their education.

Our comprehensive cycling program for children

in schools offers training from balance bikes to Bikeability and bike maintenance to mechanics!

We'll guide the children through each step of their cycling journey, ensuring they have both the skills and confidence needed to ride confidently and safely. 


Introducing the little ones to the world of two wheels - their journey starts with Balance! Perfect for Nursery, Reception, or Year 1, this programme provides a fun and safe way for kids to learn how to ride a bike for the first time.

Learn to Ride

Let's take their biking journey to the next level! Learn to Ride will teach children how to cycle unaided and gain independence! It will boost their confidence and help say goodbye to their fears of falling.

Bikeability - Level 1

Bikeability Level 1 is a nationally recognised Government programme for Primary & Junior schools.

It teaches children how to manage their bikes with greater control and safety in areas away from traffic, whilst still enjoying fun off-road.

Bikeability - Level 2

Bikeability Level 2 is a nationally recognised Government programme for Primary & Junior schools.

Taking cycling to the next level, this session gives children 'real-life' training on local roads, where they'll learn how to navigate traffic safely when cycling to school or meeting friends.

Road/Trail Side Bike Mechanics

This hands-on workshop teaches children how to keep their bikes running smoothly on road or trail. It offers the skills needed to prepare bikes safely for riding, and fix basic problems that might occur during the course of a ride. Goody Bag included!

Build A Bike

A fun, hands-on course that teaches children to build their own bike - and keep them!

Up to eight students training under the guidance of two fully qualified bicycle mechanics!

Bike Maintenance Sessions

These 2-hour workshops are perfect to help the children learn the basics of cycle maintenance. They'll learn to

identify common issues and fix their own bikes, with expert guidance from a fully qualified bicycle mechanic.  

Fleet Management  

Do you have several bikes that need a thorough check and servicing by fully qualified bike mechanics? 

And do you have staff members who cycle to work and would love an annual check and service to ensure their bikes are in tip-top condition?  

Fleet of Bikes for Sale

We can provide your school with its own fleet of bikes!

The fully refurbished bikes will be thoroughly checked, serviced and ready to ride! 

Smoothie Bike Fun!

Get the children involved with a healthy combination of fresh food and exercise with our engaging smoothie bike sessions!

They'll love pedalling and seeing the fruity smoothies being created in front of their eyes - and then they get to drink them - great fun!

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