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About Us

RideWise is a charity that is dedicated to education and support for the environmental benefits of green forms of transport, helps thousands of people each year to gain travel independence, reduce reliance on fossil fuel vehicles and helps to break the barriers of isolation, inactivity, mental health and transport poverty by supporting people through active travel.    At RideWise, we believe that affordable, accessible and green forms transport should never be a barrier – through a range of support, walking and cycling can transform lives and communities.

What do RideWise do?


Our mission is to encourage people to utilise the many greener travel options we have available to us. We help people to grow their confidence, skills and awareness through courses, lessons and online resources, with the shared goal of caring for the world we live in. 


It's simple, we're here to support our community, we're here to support you. We shout about opportunities that become available and we put all of our energy into developing even more of them. Our aim is to make green travel accessible for the whole community.


We have been working hard to improve the quality of the air we breathe through green travel, and encouraging everyone in our community to do the same. If you'd like to help us on our mission, there are so many things you can do! Check out our Ways To Help page.

Jo Simon - Cycling Project Manager


Since I've been at RideWise, I've set up thousands of cycle lessons, it's an amazing feeling to be able to help people travel independently!

Meet the Team

Meet the Trustees



RideWise Trustee

I joined RideWise as a trustee in 2018 because I was excited to support the charity in developing its strategy and sustainability in order for us to reach as many clients as possible to deliver their fantastic services



Head of National Standards and Accreditation, Driver and vehicle standards agency.

In 2021, I will make a difference to RideWise by applying my knowledge of road safety policy and practice to help shape our future strategy



Leadership Advisor and Careers Champion

I will make a difference to RideWise by steering thinking which aims to connect with young people and schools in the area and to help ensure the strategy makes the intended positive impact




I'm excited to join RideWise and to contribute to making a difference. The impact we can make to both human lives and the planet by adopting more sustainable modes of transport is really incredible.



Policy & Research advisor, Urban Transport Group

In 2020-2021 I will make a difference to RideWise by sharing my knowledge and insight of transport policy and trends in order to help RideWise make the most of the opportunity to be part of a green recovery from the coronavirus crisis and to support the communities we serve.



Chief Information Officer, Applegreen

I've joined RideWise to provide technical insight from a technology perspective and help steer the leadership team on further enhancing the charity in this specialist area



RideWise Trustee

I have a passion for getting people active and improving their health and wellbeing. Active travel is the perfect way to get people moving as part of a daily routine and I'm looking forward to helping RideWise do just that! I'll be bringing my years of sports development knowledge to make a difference!



Board advisor and Mentor

In 2020, I intent to make a full contribution in helping Helen and her team bring our exciting vision to reality. I am passionate about joining the dots between developing a positive "green" infrastructure and the societal health benefits of promoting cycling and other forms of green travel.

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If you are interested in working with RideWise, we would love to hear from you. Contact our team at and we will chat to you about upcoming opportunities


I would just like to say that's FANTASTIC news thank you so much for this it is greatly appreciated I love the bike so much I would be lost with out it.

Once again I'm ever so grateful for all the help, support and guidance in making this happen for me I am forever so grateful/thankful for it. This really means a lot to me thank you

When you think that no one cares about the struggle you have to go though on a day to day basis then you guy's come along and makes dreams come true.